2 piece outfits for homecoming

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So i found out i was pregnant about a month ago according to my doctor I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I got my first ultrasound last thursday they could only see the sack. I get a call early Friday morning to go to the doctors because its urgent... my doctor thinks I'm having some sort of fauls pregnancy because they couldn't see the fetus yet and the sack can give off the same hormones as a regular pregnancy hence the morning sickness and sore boobs. I have to do more blood tests and have another ultrasound in a week or so to make certain. I personally think I'm not as far along as they say i am because no one gets pregnant the day of their last period. I probably conceived a week before my next period that i missed. 2 piece outfits for homecoming

My question is has this happen to anyone and how was your out come? # Mal