Mother of Groom Dresses Summer 2020

Sometimes you get depressed at home, do you know why? As a student such as myself that is not really good at school is the main target of depression because it is like a viruse that spreads really fast. For example my parent's is so angry at me that they shouted some incoherent words such as 'youre not worth it!''youre not my daughter' "you are stupid you don't deserve to a part of this family!!". Well if those words came from other people it wouldn't hurt me but it came from Mother of Groom Dresses Summer 2020 ... my hurts so much i know that I'm not perfect but I'm trying, what they all see is only the mistakes I make and i think to myself"maybe they're right I don't deserve to be a part of there family". I sometimes wish that i disappear, that I'll sleep forever and never wake up................ then the depression start s there's nothing that really hurts except if it's your family is the one that is giving you the reason to be depressed.

-Causes of Depression

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