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I just had a thought---you may think--oh dear God---why did I have to get the brother even as an old man has an imagination -- what if it is not an imagination but an intuition -- which is why I try not to stifle anymore -- what if this "mark of the beast" thing is not a micro-chip, is not a tattoo 666 -- it is part and parcel of why Nixon took us "temporarily" off the gold standard -- it is credit in the form we have it now. Right now we can not buy sell or trade without the mark of the beast---because money is not backed by anything but credit. Currency is no less credit than credit cards.
The Bible prophesy: Revelation 13:17 "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Has, as all Biblical prophesies come on as a calendared event---subtle---social engineering--don't notice the change. Even the globalists behind this -- yes---part of the "fascist globalist plutocratic socialist agenda conspiracy" that does exist or Nixon would not have us "temporarily" off the gold standard. Those screaming in hysterics in their pews I won't take a chip---that is not the so called "mark of the beast" --- or Rev 13:17. Bible prophesies are not for debate. Bible prophesies are today's and tomorrow's headlines.
We cannot stop them--we can not alter them.
President Donald J Trump is on a mission from God. Not like the Blues Brothers--that was a comedy hilarity.
President Trump is living out and obeying his manifest destiny as was Abraham Lincoln.
However, President Trump will not be harmed. No-too much Secret Service. Too many prayers of the righteous. President Trump has God's blessings and hand of protection around him. He is the entrepreneur businessman turned POTUS which is what this nation and world needs. Business like guidance and strong guidance. No fiddle farting around with oratory platitudes and aw shucks did I invade the Iraq and open up Pandora's box of global terrorism -- -of the last two terms.
There might have been a single shooter. There might have been back ups behind the wall on the Grassy Knoll--the globalists did not like what JFK was going to do--and turned to the CIA and Mafia to take care of the problem. The CIA turned to the Mafia. Just as the CIA is the biggest global drug dealing cartel and the FBI busts all drug dealers in the USA and seizes the booty. Between the CIA and FBI -- they are the branch of the USA government that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing BUT they are bringing in billions a month in loot and booty -- keeping USA citizens addicted for decades and busting them ---- keeping all the looted booty. If I ever form a Rock and Roll or Country Western band I will call it: "Looted Booty" Ucenter Dress what garment to buy for that won't cost much in white color

However, as my Bible Teacher, the late beloved Pastor Arnold Murray, PhD ( www.shepherdschapel.com ) taught in many lessons--"they can tattoo you all over your body---they can microchip you in your forehead if you don't have limbs---the so-called "mark of the beast" is nothing new--it's been around since Cain slew Abel. It is in your mind--you heart and soul--it is what you believe --- it is mammon--the pagan god of lust for stuff. It is where you put your faith and belief.

The reality is that right now no one can buy sell or trade makes stuff suddenly hot. As hot a a loaded gun pointed at us. But, fear not---if one has faith in the right place--blessings pour like waters from the mountains.

Success is an art.
Blessings are a science that comes from God Almighty. I let this God of the Bible understand the machinations of how HE manifests and gives HIS BLESSINGS.

----- *pretty good stuff this old man Mike is coming up with---not bullshit---but there is some kind of reality behind it----* Be glad I am not like the rest of you honiacs----ah ha ha ha ha hahahahhaahhahahahahahahaha

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