bar mitzvah gowns

The tax supported school dance education program&schools of arts,do not include African American aesthetic dance in it's curriculum.I am not referring to culturally imposed Hip Hop dancing,that is not done by black adults.School dance standards mandate that cultural heritage dances be taught in the schools and black heritage dances have never been listed or taught.As an awarded dance researcher/author,I know that black children are denied the cultural dance imagery that other ethnic groups learn.Black polititians,educators&people are conditioned to perceive dance as a fun-undisciplined freestyle&entertainment based medium.Other cultures perceive dance as an art form that unifies&elevates the cultural pride&history of their ethnic group.My empirical research suggest that dance is spiritual,cultural&social.I assiduously wrote the best seller-Soul Dancing,to educate,pictorialize&expose the greatness of African Amercan dance,to the world.The pictures&drawings in Soul Dancing(courtesy of EugeneG.Ross-artist)are a national treasure. The book cover of Soul Dancing,depicts the undeniable,Cleveland based,first national "black cultural unity dance,the great,ancient black Grandmarch of our ancestors.This aesthetic picture was declared the historic-folk dance image/attire of African Americans.submit to you that the heritage folk dance attire of African Americans is follows.The black man should wear a suit,white shirt&black bowtie,with length of Kente cloth,over the left shoulder(top left)the black woman should wear white ball gown or dress,with a of Kente pinned to the upper right front of her gown,or dress(top right).This type of dress is basic in Mobile&New Orleans via African Americans as Mobile&New Orleans are very old cities,with preserved black history.This national black folk attire engenders pride in our great black heritage&enhances our cultural image for the world to see.Prior to my work,dance authorities played a trick on unsuspecting blacks,by creating a freestyle,minstrel,buck dancing image of black dance,for the world to see.(I will debate anyone-anytime&place,about this phenomenon).I find it ironic that dance educators&authorities will teach African dance in the schools&colleges;but never African American dance.African dance courses do not teach African American dance(Ballroom-second line_hand dance-Grandmarch.Lastly,I suggest that our undeniable first national black cultural unity dance,the Grandmarch,be performed via the following.The great historic black Grandmarch,should be performed at all black weddings(it makes a cultural statement)Family reunions,debutante cotillions(with Kente)Kwanzaa's,black social/cultural events&the schools.Very Truly Yours,Frank R.Ross M.A. Father of African American cultural/social dance/attire.International Dance Council no.20902-Tel.216-2536934-"Facing the rising sun,of our new day begun,let us March on,till victory is won". bar mitzvah gowns