black and white cocktail prom outfits

I rode BY MY SELF over to the dollar store today to do some retale therapy..I got me a real pretty blowse on mark down a pair of shoes a couple new nail polishes one of them faciels in a bottle some lounge pajamas and what im most exited about is this.. I use to wear georgio back in the day but its highern hell and being on a fixed income I just cant shell out all that money for perfume.. When I can I buy that white diamonds cause it sticks with you so well but I usually wear that tabu less its a special ocasion.. Well I was looking at the sprays at the dollar store and they have a georgio imposter!!! Smells just exactly like it for only a dollar! I only picked up one can today cause I wonted to make sure it smelled good on me and sticks with me and it does!! I sprayed it on this morning around 1045 and I can still smell it!! Next time I go back im gonna get me 5-6 cans of that stuff! I wish they sold bigger cans or bottles of it but these cans are perfect for my purse to give myself a final spritz before I go into the store or bingo or somthing.. I am filling a little better today than I was last night about thangs.. Well I got some hamburger meet thawing out so Im gonna go open up a box of hamburger helper and call it dinner.. Yall have a good ngiht Love Bertha Jo!! black and white cocktail prom outfits