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I have an Idea, since I watched this happen before and it became a circus sideshow. How about all men, all over the globe, at work, or in a casual environment, straight up IGNORE all women under all circumstances UNLESS that interaction is required due to job or some other necessary interaction like paying cab fare, or assisting somebody in a retail outlet or the like. The interactions that are necessary should be forced, sharp, borderline rude, choppy, to the point, and treat her like she's a nuisance during the entire time of the interaction. Don't touch her, don't look at her body, don't compliment her, don't smile, treat her like a drive thru order box. Say what you have to say and move on. Or talk to her like an automated phone system. Treat them like they literally are wasting time and taking up space and have no use to you or value past work or whatever menial task is at hand. And see how long it takes for them to start BEGGING to be interacted with the way men and women have interacted historically... You know, chatty, flirty, racy jokes, occasional touching, innuendo, roving eyes, the whole nine yards. NONE of which are sexual assault or sexual harrassment. While sexual assault and sexual harassment may also contain these actions, the actions listed is called male/female dynamics. And if females don't like it, fuck off. This type of shit is how your mom and dad decided to go on their first date, end up fucking, and have YOUR whiny ass, so shut the fuck up. If the advances are coming from someone you're not interested, as long as its not overbearing, take one for the team, be polite, and move the fuck on... if they persist and you're really not interested, TELL THEM. Straight up. The problem with ALOT of these situations is that women REFUSE to speak their mind in the moment. They wait three weeks after stewing over it and get really pissed about (nothing, in most cases) and then start stirring the pot because she didn't say or do anything or make HER feelings clear at any point in time. And this article brings up another point. OFTEN, cases where a woman's been sexually "harassed" she's been the one initiating the contact, the conversations, the racy subjects, the flirting, the innuendo, etc etc, but then she gets MAD at the guy or tries to shut it down suddenly because her ex boyfriend is back in town and she wants another shot with HIM or whatever and then the guy she's been flirting with for 6 weeks straight doesn't know what's going on, and in some cases, doesn't even know that now she's not interested, and now she doesn't want to play anymore, but she HASN'T TOLD HIM. then a month later they're both in the HR department and the guy's totally blindsided. And the biggest eliphant in the living room here, as there are many, is that women flirt in the fucking job format just as much as men do, sometimes more. Sometimes its so blatant its sickening, and yes that's ok, because its JUST FLIRTING, and most normal guys don't see it as the big deal women see it as. And the touching? Talk about toxic femininity. standing behind you while you're at your desk and dropping their tits on your neck to tell you something or show you a memo. EVERY DAY. whispering in your ear whatever it is they need to tell you while they do it. Then that same woman gets mad at the mailroom guy for looking at her tits at lunch. Perspective. I've seen countless women grab guy's stomachs, rub their butts, grab their crotch, kiss them on the neck or cheek, all at work, and I've had all of the above happen to me. this is actually nearly as common, if not more common, than when a man flirts in a physical or "bubble invading" way. bridesmaids selection with affordable price