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Hi dear Frank!

There are two types of people: some "roll" the world, and others run alongside and are indignant: "God, where is this world going to?"

While my mother and I were driving to the sanatorium yesterday she told me a story of her unmarried girlfriend. It seemed to me very instructive and I want to tell it to you.

So this woman Sveta fell under a mass reduction and was left without work. She sobbed so that passers-by stopped and offered valocordin, a stool, a sandwich, money, a soda and a token on the subway. Girlfriends consoled as best as they could, and she talked that now she could not support her family, consisting of two sons-babbits, and her life was over. By the evening, she came to herself and decided to go to a nightclub. She has never been in such places earlier, but since life was not a success, then there was nothing more to lose. Lady Sveta dressed up in the best dress with lurex, made a strange hairdress and went to "Sorry, Grandma" for a retro party. There she filled two cocktails, ate with appetite a square of a young calf, went to the dance floor and was dancing so brightly, that even barmen applauded. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man with a short visor in a cap comes up: casual lace wedding dresses

"And what does such a woman do besides dancing?"- he asked.She cleverly swallowed her tears and said: "Until today I was an accountant."

He nodded, ordered "Cheri Cheri Lady" and "Macarena", and then led to the table and handed the card: "Come on Monday. I have been looking for a good specialist for a long time."

The lady was taken aback and began to fan herself with a wine card:"But how do you know that I'm a good worker?"

He answered without hesitation:"The way you do one thing - you do everything else."

You know after listening this story, I once again realized that thanks to one atypical action, we can get out of the negative and move out of the black band.

There is even a fun children's game, in which you need to voice something that has never been done in your life. Personally, I did not watch a single series of "Game of thrones" and did not eat pudding. Someone did not get up at six in the morning and did not peel potatoes or have never been to McDonald's and did not play cards.

Can you remember what you have never done Frank?

So, it is necessary to change the course and do what was not allowed to ourselves. And then the vibration automatically changes, and from the caste of losers and debtors, we deftly fall into the category of lucky, entertainers and optimists.

How do you like this story Frank? What do you think? I am interested in your opinion Frank.. Drop me a line

With kisses