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Each day I pray to God, my most sincere prayer point is God help us with visionary leaders like we have in the United Kingdom where the system accommodate the poor, the rich and give room for infrastructural development and corrupt people brought to book without sentiment. Ndokwa Nation is backward not because of this present leaders but because of those who have held us down in captivity or those who nothing suceed in Ndokwa land without them.

From my investigation I realized that we need to beg some god fathers in Ndokwa land to please allow us develop by giving cooperation to the young political leaders in our generation. The following people like Chief Patrick Osakwe, Real Admiral Mike Onah, Prof Ijeoma, Chief Obielum, Rt Hon Olise Imegwu need to say yes to development in Ndokwa Nation before it can come.Is it right?These are the people who have the phone numbers of the engine house where development is shared in this country. When these people sneeze the present political leaders run into hiding. If you disobey them politically,they mess up your career. WHO WANT HIS CAREER MESSED UP? chic wedding pieces with lace top

Recently,some people who do empowerment in Ndokwa land have dropped and I believed that some crop of godfathers would have seen this as a threat. If we must develop in Ndokwa land the people I mentioned must release our generation from setback and under development. I am not under obligations to kneel before them to beg for Ndokwa Nation to develop but I am under obligations to tell them publicly to please allow Ndokwa Nation to grow. The hottest part of hell is not meant for evil doers but those who see evil and keep mute.

I cry for Eke market that has been abandoned to decay. Eke market use to be the pride of Ndokwa Nation. Today Eke market Kwale is a dungeon. We must beg the cabal to stop this godfatherism and allow us develop. They can't consume their own opportunity and consume our own opportunity.
I call on all Ndokwa sons and daughters in diaspora to come home and invest in our development both human and infrastructure. I am not out to look for money but my agitation is sincere and plane. Go to the North and see how good their roads are,how cheap their schools are.

We don't produce anything in Ndokwa Nation despite our oil and natural resources we are still under developed. We say no to cabal hostage and we must tell them to please leave our generation.
How can we have Alumona Isei in the House of Representatives and Chief Patrick Osakwe in Obasanjo administration and allow IPP to be stepped down in Obosi without them lobbying for electrification of Ndokwa Nation and today we are in darkness. Second phase of IPP in the air how soon? Ndokwa Nation must not go down. I need like minds in diaspora and home to press these buttons for the key of development to be released in our Nation.

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