dress below the knee tea length

Dave Chappelle says in his new comedy special "how are transsexuals beating black people in the oppression olympics. A thought Ive had since the first "news" story about transsexuals feeling so "oppressed" that there wasn't a third bathroom installed just for them. I even saw a few people on the news crying about this. Every time I hear someone complaining that the isle with the condoms is called the "family" isle and not something else I see this photo in my head. This photo of a little girl being escorted into school and out of school by US marshals, down a sidewalk lined with MILITARY SOLDIERS guarding her so that someone in the crowd of angry white people didn't literally kill her. You want to talk about oppression? You feel "oppressed" because someone looked at you in your pink dress and had the audacity to assume you might be a women? Try dodging rocks, malatov cocktails, and death threats for walking into a school with the wrong skin color, then ill put some energy into caring about your emotions. I think Ruby Bridges sums it up nicely, with a quote that still holds value in todays "oppressive" society. Bruce Jenner is brave for being rich and switching genders? No, Honey. This little girl knows what bravery is. Ask her sometime. dress below the knee tea length