elegant evening gowns

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Richard just arrived on the set using his big motor bike. He was fifteen minutes late because he dropped her daughter to her school and that took quite of his time. When he stepped inside the house where his and Dawn's character lives in the movie, the staffs and crews were already setting for the small photoshoot they needed to do.

"Oh, Richard!" The derictor greeted when he saw him walking towards where they were. Most of the staffs were also there.

"Derik, sorry. Hinatid ko pa kasi si Juliana sa school." He apologitically said.

"Oh, no. It's okay, Richard. Inaayusan pa naman si Dawn sa loob. Ikaw, you should also change." The derictor politely said.

Richard smiled nodding his head. He excused himself from the busy folks and head to one of the room upstairs. After changing, he did his make up, just dubbed a little foundation and put a small amount of lip tint so his lips won't look pale. He always prefer to do his make up alone most of the time (which is true ? he's been doing it all by himself). When he was done, he went downstairs and walked back to the garden where he was welcomed by usual compliments like, 'ang gwapo mo po!', 'ang bango tignan', 'nakakain love' and a lot more.

One of them told him how handsome he was with his suit and as the ever funny he is, he proudly said, "Syempre naman! Matagal ko na nga 'tong problema, eh." making them all laughed.

It was then only interrupted when the sliding door made a sound when one of the crew open it widely. Everyone gasped as Dawn walked out with that elegant wedding gown. Her hair was neatly done with a light make up on that looked almost natural on her. Her shoulder was bare and she was only wearing a pair of diamond earings as her accessory along with her beautiful smile.

"So.....what do you guys think?" The designer of the gown she's wearing asked behind her.

Everyone's practically gawking. Richard for some reason couldn't find his words. He wanted to say something but his tongue kept on backing out. He didn't even realized that he was already staring at her since she came out and that he only gotten back to his senses when the derictor called his name.

"Ano raw sa tingin mo?"

Richard blinked multiple times. "Ah...ah..." He gulped glancing to their companions before locking his stare on Dawn. "Sobrang ganda. Napakaganda, derik."

It made Dawn blushed of course wich earned them a collective 'yiiieehee' from everyone.

"Okay, okay. Start na tayo, guys!" The derictor exclaimed calling the camera mans and everyone to get ready. Richard held Dawn's hand and led her at the center where the photographer instructed them to stand. They stood side by side while waiting for the next instructions. Richard couldn't keep up himself becuase he was again, asusual, too distracted by Dawn.

"Okay! Start na tayo. Dawn and Richard, position yourselves."

Richard hesitantly pulled Dawn by the waist when he was asked to hold her. Dawn on the other hand automatically extended her hand around his neck, the other resting on his chest. She then looked at him for a second with that smile he coudln't resist before facing the camera. Richard must have not heard the photographer as for he was still looking at Dawn. He was so drawn by her that Dawn needed to tap his cheek just to get his attention. elegant evening gowns

"Hala! Si kuya Gomz, titig na titig!" One of the folks exclaimed and everyone bursted out laughing. Richard smiled coyly scratching his nape and found his leading lady already grinning at him. He turned to everyone and said,

"ANG GANDA LANG KASI." then pulled her for a quick tight hug, unconsciously kissing her forehead with everyone's watchful eyes.

[Wedding Gown]

Scene: The Love Affair wedding pictorial ?