evening gowns with sleeves

Attention please.
"Hi,sis,dress well"
What did i say?
Take care of your God given feminine endowed body
"But am single,when i get married,i will learn how to do that"
"Seriously?,no,you can't be serious right now,are you?"
If you can't dress better now,when you get married now and have just a kid,just one,you will probably tie wrapper on your chest from morning till night and when told,you would say something along the lines of ;
"well,junior is disturbing me nah,and besides we are married already,what am i dressing up for again,also i stay at home,i don't go anywhere and my husband is okay with my wrapper tying tradition,he is a pastor nah"
I mean like right now,strike a pose,hands akimbo before a tall wall mirror and spin around 360 degrees,is that cloth okay for the supposed occasion?
yes? you may go
no? Go turn your wardrobe upside down until you get one that screams "perfecto"
None screams "perfecto"?really?omg,grab your shopping trolley we need to shop
Listen,it pains me a lot,a whole lot to see a physically beautiful,heavenly creature looking frumpy and dowdy as a result of bad dress sense
My first week as a student of linguistics,a friend looked at me and said surprisingly
"are you not our lecturer?"
I moved back and nodded no in affirmafion
His expression caused me to wonder how he could have read me to be a lecturer and he said
"wow,your dressing made me think you were one",official lady he added
Oh yes i love to dress official and formal,some persons feel comfortable in a tshirt and skirt,or even a beautiful flowered gown,i love gowns too,maxi to be precise
The moment i gained admission,mother called me and said,"dress well",her words were few but straightened my myopic sense of dressing as just a means of covering my nakedness,she taught me that dressing up goes beyond just covering your body,it transcends beyond accentuating your curves and placing on display for all to see,it has to do with:
Looking and feeling beautiful
Looking and feeling responsible
Looking and being smart
You can look beautiful but not feel like you are beautiful,i see a lot of men and women,put on whatever and buy whatever covering they found in the market for the sake of # trends #
Yet they would still ask others "am i beautiful".
Hey listen,you are beautiful,you just need to believe it through the lens of God
"Moses' mother saw that he was a goodly child and therefore hid him away"
If mother kept you alive,she sure knows you are beautiful,dress the part
There are clothes for different occasions,do we need to go back to home economics now!
"clothes for different occasions"
A friend met me and said
"i don't like judgemental people"
"Why" i said
"Imagine i got snubbed out of an office,i was not even attended to,i mean he just stared me down,i had to leave in shame"
I asked why again
"because of my dressing,i guess"
"How did you know?"
"I went back the next day,wearing an ironed long sleeve that covered my tattoos and a good plain trouser,the man literally gave me a handshake,led me to a seat himself,he gave me attention immediately"
What do you make out of my friend and your dressing?
Some of us hide under the umbrella of "single christian girl or uncle" to look frumpy,messy hair,oily face all over the place,unsupervised pimples,dripping nose wrecking body odour,sweater over a maxi skirt,flying boat trousers and i swear to God shoes.
Pardon my french but we need to stop
Layering of clothing,combination of colours,polishing of shoes,a good perfumed cream,good soap,a beautiful earring and necklace if you wear one,a shiny wrist watch and actually a little application of deodorant to cover up the body odour doesn't cost much,you have to see the need to dress well
If you love maxi skirt like i do,there are beautiful ways of wearing them to look beautiful,oh yes
Others won't tell you,i also have a phobia for correcting people's dressing except when am so not finding it funny anymore,we have to be close enough for me to do that, because i don't want you feeling like;"oh!she's looking down on me"
Just buy some sense of homour to change your wardrobe from this post and i hope to see you at my event looking: "christian,godly,beautiful,smart,responsible,smelling fresh,and looking posh" another thing, a little catwalking with the right shoes "good shoes take you to good places"
Our uncles in the fellowship will never tell us we have body odour or that our hair smells,or even that our oily face is dripping on the floor,they could probably fry stew with it,they won't tell us that our shoes are not well cleaned or neat,mba,they just tiptoe around call us "fire sister" and move on to the next well dressed lady.
I know you will soon tell me "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but i stand corrected to say "even the beholder has the choice of beholding the beauty",i teach and practice inner beauty but am an advocate for good shoes and nice fragrance
Someone said and i believe it too "anya ga ebu uzo rie tupu onu erie"
Don't fail your next job interview because of your dressing and ethics and character
kings have their way of dressing,priests have their way of dressing and so should a king's daughter too
Don't go around naked,showing off your laps,if you are a christian,look the part,looking modest doesn't mean i lack confidence,no! It means am so confident,i don't need to reveal my body for the world to see,i would rather reveal my mind
By dressing modestly,we send the message that where the focus should be is our face,we encourage people to get to know us not our curves, also don't go around looking like being a christian is the reason you look like you just stepped out a 1980 time machine,putting on a bunch of dull clothing "dressed to school like you are going to a market place",within God's guideline,there is room for you to dress attractive,lively and vibrant. evening gowns with sleeves
Ps.don't ask me how do i dress? Am not a fashion blogger am just a # singlechristiangirl #
And this is
# thoughtsofasinglechristiangirl #