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I have a doctors appt Friday so don't advise me to go to the doctor, I'm already going.

I was laying down and realized there was a wet spot where my butt was. I thought it was just something that was wasted so I didn't pay it any mind. I got up because I realized that my vagina was wetter than normal and when I wiped, there was clear sticky discharge. I thought it was just another pregnant lady thing, so I got up, changed the sheets, and went back to what I was ... doing. Not even five minutes after laying back down, I felt ANOTHER wet spot in the same spot as the last one and it was even bigger. Again, I didn't feel anything gush out of my vagina, I didn't hear a pop and I didn't have to pee prior to finding the first or second spot. I don't know if my mucus plug came out or if my water broke, but I am 35 weeks and terrified. Could someone tell me what this could be? garments which is affordable in 50 of the prom
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