grandmother of the groom dresses

Well folks after all these years waiting for MY quilt to be finished I got it today,(took 25 yrs in the making) but mom (Gangie) got it finished. I had told her about a year ago she better get mine finished before she kicks the bucket. (She had to finish everyone else's first). During tornado season that's the first thing I'm told to grab is the kids quilts Gangie made them. Now I have my own FINALLY! Mines real special cause it's made from Kimberly Myers Shaw Krystal Myers and Montana's clothes from sleepers to nightgowns to sun dresses Gangie made starting in 1981 with Kimberly. Well actually me, cause there's maternity shirt material thru out it that mom made me when I was pregnant with Kim and Krystal. Even found Dugan Doll ( Kimberly and Krystal and Montana babydolls, all identical and had multiples of Dugan Dolls) (all in a bag in my closet still) when their bodies just couldn't take 1 more mending due to being thread bare cloth bodies, then we pulled out a new one from the closet) major meltdowns if either 3 of them didn't have their Dugan doll, so we kept extras for backup, well Dugan Dolls clothes and of course Barbie clothes are also thru out this quilt. Sidenote- Kimberly and Krystal grew up eating at Bill and Barbs Restaurant at least 3 times a week if not more. (Hate cooking) well this one particular night we had met our sweet Uncle Stan and AJ (Aunt Jean) Ilniski to eat supper at Bill and Barbs, Oh how they Loved Kimberly like their own GBaby, well we were having a bit of a time getting Kimberly to calm down as we got in my car to go home. Girl screamed bloody bloody bloody Murder all the way home. Thinking it was cause she had to leave Uncle Stan and AJ. NOPE that wasn't the case. Jesus Christ we had left Dugan Doll at Bill and Barbs Restaurant!!!! That's why Kimbo was in a nuclear meltdown!!! Well needless to say a mad dash back to B&B's afterhours and the doors were locked and they didn't answer the phone!! It would all be good tho cause if they were already gone we knew where Bill and Norma lived and they'd have done anything for these girls. Bill always carried one of the girls around the cafe with him showing them off in all their frilly dresses. (You know that Jon Bene't dresses kind) NOOO I can't do a screaming demon all night till B@B opens up the next morning. Thank God Bill was still cleaning up in the kitchen and Norma was shuffling the cash receipts at the front register. She knew the second we banged on the door that we had left Dugan Doll!!! You know that desperate please help me look a parent gets!! Well Norma was getting it big time!!! From that day on we made sure we bought and stashed Dugan Dolls for Emergency's! Couldn't tell you how many Gangie mended over the years! Had one stashed at Vicki Middletons house and Gangie's house from that day on. Wasn't gonna let these kiddos meltdown like that ever again! Well shoot I plum got off the subject of my quilt. All these memories in this awesome quilt that's all mine!! I've had one of moms (Gangie) quilts held hostage for several years now, until she finished mine. Maybe she will forget that part and I'll just keep on using it!! Here's the quilt and these Octagon shapes are finished out at 1 1/2 inches. One of these days when my OCD kicks in I'll count how many there are. LOL grandmother of the groom dresses