items to wear of the party

September 21, 1945, a young girl, age 17, was three hours from giving birth to an almost eight pound girl, whom she would call Pussy Cat (AKA Joanne Stafford). However, around the same time the pains of labor were so intense that this young girl tried to jump out of the window, but a nurse got there in time. Pussy Cat would have been a goner. She told me that she was in so much pain and no one told her where the baby was suppose to come from. In those days there was no sex ed ... ucation. Parents, at least not mine, did not talk about these things. They would tell you, when a woman was pregnant (we did not use that word), that "She broke her leg." Can you imagine how confusing that was? You did not have to worry about any of us because we did not want our leg broken. Anyway, that lady was my mom. She had to go it alone because my dad was in the Navy. I really miss them. For some of us, who are so fortunate, the down side about growing old is that the ones you love also grow old and eventually they will take their final journey on this earth like we all must do one day. Rest in peace mom and dad. Love items to wear of the party

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