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Even in my sleep, i do state that, anything that makes my Ashanti brothers and sisters happy, i hate it to my bone. For that matter, i can't love that team in red. But, wait a minute, and let's talk a bit about yesterday's match, i Kwabena vehemently disagree with the referee that the ball wasn't a hand ball with a conviction that it's a game and that the referee isn't a robot to get all right as programmed hence, who his bad decisions go for is a lucky one, and if it goes against you, count yourself unlucky.
I have known this in the game of football and have it in mind before risking my heart to watch any crucial match like yesterday's. Let me skate you back to the first leg of yesterday's match which took place in Accra sport stadium. Similar controversial hand ball was spotted by referee Agbovi, it resulted in a penalty in favour of Accra hearts of oak who are crying today and cursing the referee of yesterday's match, they loved and defended it. One significant thing is, the decision of Agbovi gave hearts a maximum 3 point, but that of yesterday's referee gave Kotoko just a point yet my good friends who benefitted from Agbov's 3 points like knee length bodycon red color dress Jah , Mezo , Akorli , Bansa and several others can't let go.
Let's learn to whip referees into line even when wrongful decisions on a pitch of play go for our choice, we mustn't be seen happy when a bad decision goes for us and hungry lions when against us. I reiterate, yesterday's ball, wasn't a hand ball to me, so was that which resulted in a penalty for hearts in the first leg, they all make football a happy game. Better luck next time.