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Martin Campbell has die. The following was written by his first wife:
Very tough day for our family. Martin Campbell passed to heaven tonight... my girls father, my first spouse and very good friend. Martin Campbell is an incredibly talented, caring and people loving person. He had the British Columbia record in the 440 which earned him a scholarship to Central Washington. He won a vocal competition In BC where one of the judges was from Central Washington, where he was lured ... to the vocal department. Good move as he was a touring opera singer touring the country. A true renaissance man as he was a bow hunter, weight trainer who designed and built exercise equipment for gyms, master skier, fishing guide, horse owner, trainer and showed horses, built a couple homes but could build anything, extraordinary vocal music teacher who knew how to connect with each student as an individual. He loved and cared so much about each and every student. They won numerous awards, but his joy was the relationships with the students. His true love were his children. He just loved sharing time with them, teaching them new things and being the greatest of support. They always had the best of times, wish there were more for them. He had more talent and accomplishments than I can enter here. Bless my girls and Blake Coady, his oldest son, who took such good care of his dad through this journey. Martin's brother, sister and numerous nieces and nephews stayed by his side thruout this difficult time ensuring his comfort and blessings. latest best collections dressed for prom party

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