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Neulasta shot (aka: bone marrow crack) done. Rhogam shot (for pregnancy because I have A-blood and Brett has A+ blood type) done. Woohoo! No more hospital/Dr visits till the end of next week. I like to tell a certain personal story with the nurses whenever I get my Rhogam shot, because it always makes them laugh. Since this is our last kid I might as well share my embarrassing story with you too;). When I was prego with my oldest and went in to get my shot I didn't know what ... to expect. The nurse was nice and she told me she was brand new. We went into a little space behind a curtain and she had me pull my pants down and stuck the shot right in my bum cheek. Fast forward to my next pregnancy. When it was time for me to get my Rhogam shot the nurse asked if I knew what to expect and I confidently said I was good, been there, done that, etc. She took me behind a curtain and she said she was ready, so I mooned her. She immediately told me to pull my pants up and explained that Rhogam shots are given in the upper thigh. No pantsing necessary, just a couple of inches down on the thigh. I told her about my last Rhogam shot and apologized. She laughed and I'm sure I was the topic of many stories for her that day. Now, I tell that story every time I get the shot. Ah, embarrassing moments that make us laugh are so good. latest prom collections look hot # embarrasingmoment # fullmoon # justturntheothercheek

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