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Well today was a great very productive day. I got everything accomplished that I needed to got off work early even though I didn't want to I wanted the hours. Got home about 3 took a nice hot shower got dressed up ready to go to the movies now I'm just waiting for my ride to pick me up so I'm enjoying sitting on the front porch like I do everyday watching it rain and is definitely making me sleepy we need this rain really bad anyways and it made a lot lot more honestly I hope it rains all weekend Non-Stop. So I believe I'm ready for some change in my life and what I'm talking about is start going back to the gym a guy that I work with he goes religiously and he is a big fella. I talked to him today about it because I like having a workout partner and since I've got a lot of free time now keyword free I want to start going and getting back in shape I mean I'm already in shape but I want to get big like I want to gain about 40 or 50 lb I want to start changing a lot of things in my life and I know that I'm not acting childish and everything but I'm really not I do have my head on straight and my life is halfway in order I do have a job that I work constantly at even on days off I volunteer to come in just cuz I love to work I would rather work and just sit around and do nothing cuz that's when I get into trouble. So I want to start growing up even more than I already have there ain't no point in going backwards I have come this far have a good sleeping I love where I'm at in life as of now I am happy I mean my heart still hurts really bad and I know it's going to be for a long time if not the rest of my life I know what the H day it will get a little bit easier at least I'm not full-blown strung out on drugs. I need some really good new friends in my life that I can depend on and talk to who will not judge me who is ready to go on this new Journey with me and isn't going to judge me on my past. Well guys my ride is here it's time to go watch the new Annabelle movie hope everybody has a great evening cuz I know I will it's the freakin weekend and baby I'm about to have me some fun because I can't sit around and mope and be depressed about everything that's been going on the past week. It's okay everybody will get their chance to hang out with me now that I'm back out on the market again I will be sold to the highest bidder and you can start placing bids on this post??!! $$$ long floor-length prom items latest style