maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920


Other symptoms associated with abnormal vaginal discharge include;
???? itching,
???? burning/soreness especially during urination, ...
???? lower abdominal pain,
???? genital ulcers and swellings,
???? Painful sexual intercourse,
???? fever,
???? vomiting,
???? menstrual irregularity,
???? abnormal bleeding.

Causes of abnormal vaginal discharge could be infections or other conditions. Infections could be sexually transmitted (STI) or not. Common STIs include;
gonorrhea, Chlamydia and trichomonas.
Non STIs are candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis. Other causes are allergic reaction to underwear, sanitary pad or tampons, foreign bodies in the genital tract and growths (cancerous and non-cancerous).

Treatment would be according to cause. All cases of abnormal vaginal discharge are best treated early and by a Medical Doctor to avoid complications such as spread of infection, pelvic abscess, painful menstruation or sexual intercourse and infertility/ sub fertility. Avoid chemists or self medication. maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

Prevention; Good personal and vaginal hygiene, protected sex, early diagnosis and treatment.

In conclusion, as regards abnormal vaginal discharge, time is of great essence, otherwise the girl child or lady could be maimed, possibly for life. Take appropriate action to preserve your reproductive health now!

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