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"Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of God" (LUKE 21:36). Our teaching today is in the form of a Question. It is the question of the dignity and modesty of our appearance. If Jesus Christ, the King of kings, summons you to meet with Him, can you appear before Him the way you are? Suppose there is a need for you to physically meet with Jesus Christ now, would you meet Him with your chest opened, cleavage exposed? Would you meet Him in those seductive trousers, mini skirts and short early beginners? Would you meet Him in those artificial things that have transformed your face and almost turned you into a masquerade? When I see some people who claim to be born again christians going to Church, it surprises me, because their look is not different from that of a Jezebel (immoral and seductive women) on the street. Do not explain away your immodest appearance with the fact that you have faith. Faith is not just on the inside; genuine faith should also find expression on a person's outward appearance. The truth is, when we get to eternity there will be many surprises: "I am a Church worker" will not mean anything to God then. Always dress the way you will be comfortable to meet with the Master. To follow the fashion of the world is to end where the world is ending-eternity in hell fire! Beloved, it is not a matter of rules and regulations; it is a matter of what you will be comfortable with when you appear before Jesus and your conscience is justified. Appear like that! Adjust whatever needs to be adjusted in your life to be fit to meet the Master. Jesus Is Coming Soon! masquerade cosplay ball outfits outfits
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