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Most women and men never saw their mothers being loved right and their fathers loving their women right. Most people are either love children of relationship that didn't work, keep a mate babies or to lazy to pull out. That builds a lot of resentment towards the mate, the opposite sex and sometimes the offsprings. Most people model their relationships off of what they seen or get comfortable with someone that they aren't afraid to lose. Most of these women either got babies, ... been in marriage or relationships with Fuckboys, abusive relationship, daddy issues or emotionally immature men or having sex for attention. Most women don't know how to identify and receive love, because she hasn't found love in herself. It shows in the relationship and situationships that she has tolerated, no matter on well put together that she looks on the outside. Emotional predators and parasites sense what you have on the inside and not what you try to cover it up with.

Most women out here come with Fuckboys residue, the arrogant ones will excuses for their emotional predators and parasites. The reason is they don't want to feel stupid for tolerating it for so long. But a healed woman don't make excuses for their mistakes, they learned from them and aren't ashamed of them. Sometimes you aren't arguing with her, you arguing with her predatory or opportunistic exes. A lot of women haven't been really loved, because they never had real man or real father to love them properly. That's why some women are dramatic and addict to attention, even negative attention is still attention. That's why they stay in emotionally, physically and mentally abusive relationships and situationships, when their emotional predators and parasites masks fall off. Most women want to be loved, but don't know how to recieve and recognize love. A healthy relationship is balance between love, respect and passion, then maintaining it. When women put crowns on clowns and expect him to do King shyttt, she keeps reaching the same results with different people. A real King comes in her life...she can't like him, because her emotional and sexual insecurities pop out from that Fuckboy residue. mature bride wedding dresses
Dak Danger

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