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Simple Treatment for Eliminating Baldness -

1. Grind urad pulse and grind it. The baldness ends with the lip of the fist on the head for several days while sleeping at night.
2. Use of fenugreek- soothe the fenugreek throughout the night and mix it in thick curd in the morning and apply it in your hair and roots. After that wash the hair, it will remove whatever problem is in the skin and skin of the skin. Nutritic acid and proteins are found in fenugreek, which transmit the hair to the roots and also increases the growth of the hair. Dry and damaged hair also cures with its use. mermaid trumpet style collections for prom
3. Green Coriander - The place where green coriander coating has grown, the hair starts to grow.
4. Mulderi - Grind a little aloe vera with milk, then put a saffron in it and make a paste, putting it in the head while sleeping helps solve the problem of baldness.
5. Banana-banana bud and mix it with cucumber juice and apply it on the head is beneficial in the problem of hair flowing.
6. Pomegranate - Grinding of pomegranate on the grinders is done to prevent baldness.
7. Onion - Cut the onion and split it into two. Rub the half onion on the head for 5 minutes, the hair will start coming.