neckline styled like sweetheart for the wedding

# HonestPost Okay, I gotta get something off my chest real quick. I'm not usually one to let others' negativity effect me and stop me from doing ANYTHING, but over time, it will begin to wear on even the most positive of people, like myself. So, this is to all the "Negative Nellies" out there! If you are one of those people who think everybody involved with Direct Sales is just trying to take your money, PLEASE JUST STOP IT!!!!!!! That is not what it's about!!!! Have you ever thought for just one minute that that person was stuck EXACTLY where you are and finally found something that got them UNSTUCK??? That maybe this thing that they are (God forbid) trying to sell you, made a HUGE impact in their life, and they believe it can do the same for you?? I mean, what kind of person are they if they see someone struggling with the SAME thing they used to struggle with, and don't offer to help that person?? THAT would be something worth complaining about!! NOT someone trying to help others overcome something that they have overcome!! So, OPEN your eyes for one minute to the possibility that someone cares about YOU and wants to help bring a positive change in your life and isn't just worried about making a dime off you! Also, please check yourself and acknowledge how absurd it is to refuse to buy things from your friends because "they must be trying to make money off you," but never question what money is spent everywhere else! Why are we okay, with helping big companies be successful and not our friends?? How sad is that!!! I love getting stuff from my friends and their businesses, and I am DONE letting the negative voices stop me from being a difference maker!!! Whatever business is making a difference in your life, SHARE IT!!! DON'T LET THE NEGATIVE STOP YOU, LET IT FUEL YOU!!!! Whew, I feel better already!! neckline styled like sweetheart for the wedding # Overcomer # NOMORElettingthenegativestopme # Aintgottimeforthat