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Non Verbal communication, pairing , and proximity (distance )in humans

In animals
Primitive : Migratory and feeding , nurturing , basic emotions of care , awareness of environment

in humans

primitive : Gathering and hunting, nurturing , more advanced emotions ( facial expressions, dexterity functions , properties in anatomy and physiology , more detailed socialization behaviors.

concert band and orchestra, jazz, improvisational , world
interpersonal, non interpersonal ?

Proximity : role in distance ?
mass/density of physiological processes and atmosphere between individuals.
emotions felt from distance : relative, close friend , signifigant other etc.

The molecular physical processes and physical sciences considered, mass and density of the human body ?

The dermal layer and intramuskular receptors role in personal imprinting of persons we meet ?

proprioreceptors ( to propel , movements )
thermoreceptors ( temperature )
chemoreceptors ( menthe , alcohol , chemicals )
exteroreceptors( external sensory - feeling )
interoreceptors( internal sensory - feeling )
nocireceptors ( pressure stimuli )

is pairing more difficult or easier when language , decision making, cognition, and motor movements are in another language ( musicians playing with different ,Does the effect of pairing more complex or have different factors takes place when an individual is multilingual ? non traditional bridesmaid dresses

is the emotional correlation of the emotional redponses, vocalics, and linguistic behaviors a factor in the synaptic memory and imprint of a language or indifference in language ? in uni linguial individuals ? in multilingual individuals

The Many definitions and types of non verbal communication

Nonverbal communication between people is communication through sending and receiving wordless clues. It includes the use of visual cues such as body language, distance and physical environments/appearance, of voice and of touch.

in multiple languages, gender differences ?

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