not expensive prom party wears in black

There are still black & white water fountains. Today, it's disguised in our education system. Before u drink their knowledge they will close schoolsl and build prisons. They imprison what they can't understand. A epidemic they started. Slavery only lasted because of fear. Today, the fear is still prevalent. The government can no longer contain a race of people that can think for themselves. This isn't limited to black. All white arent bad no more than any other race but soci ... ety has been paved for them. People are tired better yet exhausted. Kneeling isn't opposing the flag or a veteran it simply means ENOUGH. we have been kneeling all our lives in peaceful demonstrations yet still ridiculed. Africa is The Motherland but I was born right here. You don't have to like me but you gonna learn today. We didn't ask for America. America came and stole us. We are resourceful people but have always understood The Source. Weare being distracted with foolishness while the adversary is making preparations to destroy us. We can't fight effectively if we are distracted by a burning cross or a flag. Blood shed has been since the beginning of time. PAY ATTENTION: the enemy uses race to destroy, conquer and kill and collectively we fall short. If our government won't impeach this fool then kneeling on my knees I plead The blood over him. What is happening is apart of God's plan. Will you be ready? not expensive prom party wears in black

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