pageant celebrity garments for girls

I really like her nude color, tight silk dress as she tried to show off her buttocks to the media as they took her photographs. As the dress was so tight as to wrap around her hip area leaving nothing to the imagination that her round and smooth buttocks were clear there. Without even spreading her legs too wide apart, those poor little stitches in the rear seam were pulling left and right as to cry out loud, "Spare us!"

Just look at all those greedy little strain marks as they were greedily amassing themselves all along the seam lines as the silk fabric cling tightly around her right thigh, she never felt anything other than some tightening and pulling on her thighs. But those poor little stitches at the seam lines were made to suffer at the expense of her enjoyment! And as she turned around a little bit more, she then said, "Let me show you how Newton's Third Law works - For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!" Yes, the poor little stitches in the rear seam did understand that, as her right leg stepped out more to the right, the poor stitches were pulled by force acting to the left countering the force on the right as she stepped out to the right!"

"The pulling and straining of the stitches of women's silk dress although is nothing short of fabulous to look at, and it really is the wriggling of a woman's body and the straining of the fabric that makes her so alluring for the eyes to see! However, while the pulling of the silk dress's fabric is so fascinating, there is another facet of the silk dress that is so alluring when a woman dwells inside it. When a woman slips on her tight silk dress, the initial feeling is that she will feel the smooth, silky fabric that runs through at least her lower half of her body. First, as the woman slips on the dress, her foot experiences the coolness the silk fabric provides as her right foot inserts into the dress, then as soon as she puts her left foot in, she starts to feel the confinement that is surrounding her. But since silk is such a fine fabric that provides coolness and smoothness to the body, she is enjoying it although fully aware that soon enough she will be confined with the silky cocoon of the dress. Then as the woman pulls the dress up her body and as she slips her arms in, when that happens, her upper body will then feels the softness of the fabric fondling and caressing her, and as she looks in the mirror, she starts to see the hour glass figure starts revealing right before her. After admiring the tailoring of the dress, she reaches her arms behind and to slide the zipper up at the back, and then her whole hourglass body starts to appear before her eyes. As the woman is smiling at her image in front of the mirror, she then walks to grab her shoes, as she bends down to put on her high heels, there are pulling all over her body. And when she starts her first step to walk back to the mirror, she feels the constraint the dress has on her thighs. While looking at the mirror, she moves around, and when she finally turns around and looks back at the mirror, she sees all those greedy little strain marks pulling along the side of the side seam and also in the rear seam as the slit is pulling slightly out of shape. Then the woman starts to remember when she was playing the rope pulling "Tug of War" when she was young with his brother! And as the woman swings her pelvis slightly forward, she feels the tightness but still a wonderful experience within the confine of the dress. And when it is time for her to leave to attend the event, the woman knows what to do inside the automobile while sitting on the fine leather cushioned seat, she makes sure the seated area of the dress is laid flat on the leather cushion seat as she employs "The Art of Sitting, femininely." And as the woman uses her hands to sweep her buttocks, she makes sure the fabric in the rear seated area clears its way before she put her buttocks down. But sometimes even with the most careful treatment and best intention, in the tight confinement of the automobile's cabin, the slit in the seated area gets caught in the way as it folds and be compressed down by the woman's hamstring muscle as she sits comfortably not knowing that she is sitting on that poor slit for that tasty crease to be formed. And when the woman arrives at the event, she walks gracefully in her high heels as to stride alternately with both her legs within that dress as to create those delicious pulled lines all along the lap area of her dress... And in the end, it is still the fabric of the dress that is gently wrapping around her buttocks that she deserves kisses in her bottom" - Phillip Lo pageant celebrity garments for girls