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So, what can be done to put the kibosh on an administration where lying is Job One and bring back a sense of sanity and dignity to America? Because this battle cannot be waged by traditional methods, as this foe is as untraditional as it gets.

Simply put, it's a freak show!

The mainstream media can't cover it, because it just can't keep up with all the lies. Trump's communication mode of choice is Twitter. That's where he lies best - and there's no eye contact. He delivered an R-rated speech to Boy Scouts and when the media's was all over that, Trump created a diversionary dust storm, by firing the transgendered from the military - via Tweet, of course. But, what about that collusion with Russia and their heavy hand in our 2016 election? Oh yeah, that. Then, he bans cameras from press briefings and Sean Spicer gets the pink slip that Sarah Huckabee Sanders now wears. pink wedding dresses for sale

Then, he brings Anthony Scaramucci, aka, "The Mooch" on-board - as Communications Director. This goombah - a cross between a casino host and any bad luxury used car salesman you've ever met - is taking this shiny new Trump vehicle out for a spin - just to see how it handles. He's a subtle as a fart in a spacesuit and drops so many F-bombs that he'd make Paulie Walnuts blush. He's already pissed off Trump's main honcho, Steve Bannon, who said "The Mooch" accused him of doing something that was physically impossible to do - - although, he keeps trying.

Then, The Mooch got Trump's Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, fired. Meanwhile, Trump keeps belittling his little Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for recusing himself in the Russian probe and virtually everyone in the Trump family and administration has lawyered-up, with Trump purportedly looking into just who - including himself - that he can pardon!

And now, "The Mooch's" better half (but not according to him), has apparently filed for divorce after Trump mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway, was allegedly seen leaving The Mooch's office with her hair disheveled <gasp>

All this, mind you, in just 7 months! But, not to worry. It's all good, right?