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When this was the RC high school Middle Brother decided to climb up the outside wall of the gym one dance night. (He was in a suit and wearing dress shoes!)

I was hanging around outside waiting for a cousin to come out so we could go drinking up in the mountains when Brother went up the wall. There were maybe a half dozen people watching him when one of the nuns came out and started talking to us. We couldn't warn Brother who was nearing the top.

He said something about the sisters not catching him and started laughing as he looked back and down. The expression on his face was priceless when he spotted the nun almost directly below him!

Down he come as quickly and noiselessly as he could. About 10 feet from the ground he lost his grip and kicked away from the wall! How the hell he didn't land on the nun we still can't say, but he hit the ground in a heap right behind her and as she turned at the sound he sprang up before her. prom dresses 2019

"Middle Brother! Where did you come from?"

"Oh, I just dropped in Sister."

I swear, the rest of us fell down laughing!