prom party dresses specially for tall girls

What is wrong with girls of this days ? Once they hear a guy is abroad, love just develops immediately. Instead of focusing on the one you are seeing , you want to claim abroad relationship ... And that is why they keep breaking your heart
is it that you think you can never travel out except you date someone abroad?? Mumu .
So he said hello to you on Facebook , immediately you saw his location was south Africa most especially Ghana , ordinary Ghana oooh.. U replied immediately 'hello boo'
I weep for you .
Okay this one In Nigeria is on your case, cares for you like an ideal man should. But no!!! You won't stay because you are using a tecno phone and he can't afford an iPhone for you (which you can't buy because you are broke , even the tecno was a gift) you go around chasing older men with pot bellies prom party dresses specially for tall girls
# eku chasing
On instagram and Facebook you wear the best clothes and shoes
but all of them were borrowed you never post pictures except you find yourself around beautiful houses or cars so people will think they are yours.... Well done!
You have been in the runs business for years yet you don't even have a house of your own, can't you see its not your calling?
All I am trying to say is.... Madam know thyself.. Learn to be yourself . No condition is permanent , don't leave a man because he cannot afford all you need , you ain't even his wife stop looking for ready made men and make yours . Thank you