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I recently purchased the agave lip mask in the stick form. It was the third lip mask product I've bought. When I started using my second tube of the lip mask, I noticed that small, red, itchy bumps were forming around the parameter of my mouth. It was the end of summer so I thought perhaps I had spent too much time in the sun and had gotten a sun blister. A few weeks ago I purchased the mask in stick form, and within a day I had the same red bumps on my lips. I googled ... the ingredients and I'm not aware of any allergies to what you put in the product. I've since returned it to sephora and the salesperson said that a lot of people have been reacting the same way. I've also read numerous posts on beauty forums of other people having a reaction. Has bite beauty looked into this? I'm an avid fan of the brand and have other products that I love. Is there an issue with the packaging or perhaps a bad batch of an ingredient? My intention is not to put you on blast, but surely this is not the first time you're hearing of this? Has any research been done on Bite's end about this problem? red prom dresses 2019


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