royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

Good morning peoples, how is ya? iI was up most all night, laid down around 2 or so, alarm went off at 4, i turned it off i guess, somebody did. Wasn't Margie and i don't remember doing it, maybe the good Lord did it. Jus sayin, they give the glory to God and Jesus everytime something good happens, a touchdown, a 3 pointer, a surviver, maybe the good Lord is responsible for our failures too. Makes sense, " I want to thank God for this win, without jesus guiding me, i wouldn't be the athlete i am today. I also want to thank God for putting such a beautiful, caring and wonderful person in my life, my soon to be wife Felicia Nicole Simpson Washington, you have made my life heaven on earth." Ok, how bout this, " I want to put all the blame on God for this failed attempt to jump 80 foot across an alligator pit on a hoveround, without Jesus guiding me, i wouldn't have fell 78 feet short. I also would like to blame.....give credit to Jesus, for introducing me to Amber ( stage name ) my home health care provider, whose new found activity really burns my ass, literally. Without any arms or legs, she finds it amusing, hilarious in fact, to place me on the hot driveway and watch me flop. The first time or two, after i got over the initial terror, it was kinda amusing watching her piss herself laughing, but then i realized all her laughter was directed at me. The clown once again, so i got a little perturbed. I tried to flip her off, then remembered, no arms, no hands, no finger. As she got near to flip me over, i tried to kick her legs out from under her, Nubby only twitched. Shit, this wasn't working out, so, everytime she'd spin me, i'd whistle, high and shrill. She caught on and spinned faster. As i reached momentum and calculated precisely the angle at which i needed to proceed with my clever plan, i quit whistling. As she bent down to see why the whistling stopped, at just the precise moment, i pushed, grunted and strained as hard as i could. The runniest, smelliest, wetest shit i have ever produced out of my bowels, erupted . . . . .all down my back and neck,,,,some even in my hair. Miscalculated once again, thanks Jesus." Anyway, Baby was late for work, i may be in the doghouse, i don't know. I love you Margie. Everybody have a swell day. Later. PLD royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail