short with black colored items to wear

The most very beautiful lady whose a slay queen visited me today with a dangerous confession, she said
Pastor i want to shame the devil.

I had to visit a certain witchdoctor because of unable to have a permanent sweetor and was told that i have a snake inside my stomach that chess away men.

He then showed me some liquid medicine inside the bottle called demon washer and told me that he has to rub this demon washer to his penis and inject the snake inside my stomach using his penis and this injection will kill the snake. short with black colored items to wear
Then the witchdoctor said that have to take 3 injections for three days because the snake is very powerful and i was insisted to finish all the dosages.

Now papa iam pregnant and want to abort the pregnancy and since then have been dreaming about this same witchdoctor sleeping wth me everyday whenever I close my eyes.
Pliz help me sir while crying.

"This witchdoctor is something else Lol"

Jesus is Lord.