simple and casual wedding collections in short length

Hi all, Recently a very good friend of mine came across this old boy named Wolfie who is 10 years old .He was seen limping due to arthritis caused by old age and i was also informed that he had developed gum infection and is suffering from toothache.We are trying to come up with a sum to cover his medical bills and also to have him groomed as We are also looking for fosterers or suitable adopters .We dont want him to be left in the shelter all alone and be counting away his number of days.He is not barky, and is rather mild natured and he cant walk much also due to his knee pain. Hence i am asking for your help to donate to the expenses and spread the word around. My saving accounts is POSB bank and account number is 278-13088-6 in which i will keep a clear account of the donations and expenses.Kindly give the poor guy a chance to feel cared for with his remaining years left .All he needs is a warm bed and tons of love .Kindly pm me for further details.Thank you.Rachel Kavitha simple and casual wedding collections in short length