vintage inspired wears for maid of honor in tea length

<b>Read till the end

You meet a girl Y'all fall in love
and months pass by you're still going
strong She gets attached, calls ...
you all the time, double texts
you, makes you her WhatsApp profile
picture, she sleeps over at your house
whenever you ask her to, she
takes you to movies she does
everything to make you HAPPY .
She starts hearing rumors, she
confronts you you deny.
She catches you with different girls
you apologize & she
forgives you because she loves
you, she start doubting herself.
She starts feeling like she's not
enough like... She's not beautiful
enough, you cheat time and
time again she tries fighting for your
relationship but she realizes that
she's fighting alone and she walks
You don't even try stopping her
because 300+ likes means you can get
any girl you want... Months
later you're in a relationship w/a girl
that's more beautiful, more curvy
than her you take cute pictures & you vintage inspired wears for maid of honor in tea length
start posting them with cute
captions, she finds out and it breaks
her because you've never posted her
pictures nor made her your WhatsApp
display pic and she's here , still trying
to get over you .
Your new girl cheats on you so you
walk away You move from
relationship to relationship
they all fail...
One night it all comes back to you, you
realize that she's the only girl that's
ever loved you the only girl that
had your back, your ride or die ...
You try inboxing her but she
blocked your ass cause seeing your
pictures with that girl broke her...
One day you're at the mall and you
bump into her. She's still beautiful.
You decide to talk to her, tell her you
sorry & try to fix things but a guy
shows up and holds her hand. She tells
your it's her boyfriend and that
they're here to celebrate their one
year anniversary , she has gotten
over you and she's moved on. She's
truly happy. She finally found love .
It hurts, doesn't it ? You didn't
appreciate her then someone else
walked in and treated her like a queen
Now you're the one that's hurting.

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