vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom

Exactly Four years ago Today, I was waiting in the emergency room with my daughter, my husband & our very sick 3 year old son Sirius. I was 34 weeks pregnant and feeling not so well my self. We were immediately rushed past the hoard of emergency waiting patients into a smaller room to meet a very solemn surgeon. He sat us down & informed us that our son had septic joint & possibly MRSA of the blood. They were prepping a room for emergency surgery. He asked if we understood ho vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom ... w dire the situation was. All the air was sucked out of the room. Time stood still. I looked over to my sick baby in his stroller asleep sucking his thumb. In that instant, something broke inside of me. I stood up. A crimson river rushed out of me so fast and forcefully as if it too couldn't get away from that room and situation fast enough. That's when I knew I was about to take the scariest ride of my life.

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