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9 weeks since my medical ordeal started.... and now exactly 1 month before my 50th birthday...
My update is that I am at St. Francis Hospital where I've been since Thursday. I came in for a persistent fever that would only go away with medication that have lasted 48 hours and I couldn't take it anymore. The chills became with near convulsions and shivers and they were painful.
Once I was here they started giving me IV anabiotic's did a CT scan which didn't show anything new that's where the abscesses or issues like that show that the old abscess is getting smaller which is nice to know and they also removed my pic line because of its potential for having an infection in it which means I have to get a new picc line. This is a tough procedure as it is a surgical procedure done with local and anesto. I am glad to get the picc line back I just don't look forward to the procedure.
As a result of getting rid of the picc line which is an access point of basically three IV sites in one that goes directly to my heart ... in that process I am not no longer able to take IV nutrition and therefore I have not had anything to eat or drink or any kind of nutritional input since Thursday evening.
I pointed out that this seems like starvation and two totally different people replied at totally different times "your body can live without food for seven days we won't let you go that long. "
I can't confirm but my guess is that I will be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday when they finished replacing my pic line making sure I have the correct anabiotics to target the exact infection as they get the culture back from the blood test. I imagine that next week sometime will assess how much output has been for my drain tube which has been very little.
My guess is that they will start me on some soft foods by mouth and let me go a few days like that to see if it causes any more changes in the drain output and then they might actually let me go to a full-blown solid diet to see how that affects it and then decide whether not to take the tube out. This process is OK with me as I'm not really in any hurry to eat solid food or regular meals.
So not really a setback or anything just kind of a little sidestep to make sure that my level of health is tiptop and then I don't have any interruptions in the healing process having an infection needs one more thing along the way that good you know be a big deal but we caught it before it became a big deal.
Nothing else to report really just that you guys are all great I want you to know that I think that I've got the best friends and acquaintances and some of you have not even met in person and you've been very generous and I just want to tell you how much help that really really has been a long this whole procedure it just knowing that people out there who care and them just want to make sure that you all know what's going on and I really hope everything is going well with everyone else's summer can't wait to be back participating in life again with you all! vintage style mother of the bride dresses