wedding wears with chapel or court train

Trust issues on appearance is really fucked up but everyone has their preferences

I prefer long hair and I hate buzz cuts, But I would still love jake if he got a buzz cut. Lmfao

People usually don't look good without putting in effort.


Some people: some apply to both genders and nonbinary too.
Put on makeup
grow hair or beards
style or gel their hair
maintain their nails
Or maintain their skin with lotion or products
some people use anti aging
some people take care of there eyes, eye bags
or face and feet, or how much they weigh
or workout or whatever.
Not everyone trims or shaves facial hair

If you do none of these things you probably aren't the most attractive person ever. People aren't born pretty tbh. Or they can be born a pretty baby, and grow into something else depending on body and facial hair growth or natural hair texture and type. Facial structure. Eye shape. Those are bases that you can work with to slightly adjust to feel better about yourself. wedding wears with chapel or court train

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